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  • 1GGTE / 1GGZE

    1GGTE / 1GGZE (64)

    1GGTE- 24valve DOHC Inline 6 Cylinder Turbocharged engine, there is 3 variations of this engine ranging from 182 to 207 hp Produced from 1986-1992 Found in the following cars: 1986–1992 Supra MK3 (GA70; JDM only) 1986–1992 Mark II/Chaser/Cresta (GX71, GX81) 1986–1991 Soarer (GZ20) 1GGZE- 24valve DOHC Supercharged engine 168 hp , Produced 1986-1992 found in the following cars: Toyota Crown GS120, GS121, GS131, GS130G 1988–1990 Toyota Mark II/Chaser/Cresta GX81
  • 1JZ-GTE

    1JZ-GTE (154)

    1JZGTE- 2.5 Litre 24valve DOHC Inline 6 cylinder Turbocharged engine there is 2 variations of this engine 1990-1995 NON VVTI 276HP Twin Turbo 1996-2007 VVTI 280HP Single Turbo Found in the following cars: Toyota Chaser/Cresta/Mark II 2.5GT Twin Turbo (JZX81) Toyota Chaser/Cresta/Mark II Tourer V/Roulant G (JZX90, JZX100) Toyota Mark II iR-V (JZX110) Toyota Soarer 2.5 GT-T(JZZ30) Toyota Supra MK III 2.5 Twin Turbo (R) (JZA70) Toyota Verossa VR25 (JZX110) Toyota Crown Athlete V (JZS171)
  • 1UZFE

    1UZFE (74)

    1UZFE- 4 litre V8 engine Naturally Aspirated There is 3 variations of this engine 1989-1994 Non VVTI 256HP 1995-1997 Non VVTI 261HP (lighter conrods/pistons and higher compression ratio) 1997-2004 VVTI model 300HP Found in the following cars: 1989–2000 Lexus LS 400/Toyota Celsior 1989–2002 Toyota Crown/Toyota Crown Majesta 1991–2000 Lexus SC 400/Toyota Soarer 1992–1997 Toyota Aristo 1997–2000 Lexus GS 400
  • 2JZ-GTE

    2JZ-GTE (154)

    2JZGTE- 3.0 Litre 24valve DOHC Inline 6 Cylinder Turbocharged engine there is 2 variations of this engine, 1990-1997 NON VVTI 280HP 1997-2002 VVTI 320HP Found in the following cars: Toyota Aristo 3.0V JZS147 (Japan-only) Toyota Aristo V300 JZS161 (Japan-only) Toyota Supra RZ JZA80
  • 3SGE Beams Altezza

    3SGE Beams Altezza (176)

    Altezza 3SGE 2Litre Inline 4 Cylinder engine came in two different variations 1997-2005 VVTI M/T 210HP 1997-2005 VVTI A/T 197HP

    4EFTE 5EFTE (112)

    4E Engines 1.3L DOHC Produced from 1989-1999 There is 2 variations of this engine 4EFE 74-88hp Found in the following cars Toyota Starlet EP8,EP9 Toyota Tercel Toyota Corolla Toyota Cynos 4EFTE turbocharged CT9 133hp Found in the following cars Starlet EP82 GT Turbo Glanza V EP91 5E Engine 1.5L DOHC 93-108hp Produced 1990-1998 Found in the following cars Toyota Sera Toyota Cynos
  • AE111 Levin

    AE111 Levin (120)

    AE111 LEVIN/TRUENO 4AGE 1.6L 20V DOHC VVTI BLACKTOP 163HP Produced 1995-2000 Front wheel drive 6 Speed Gearbox Zenki Model 1995-1997 Kouki Model 1997-2000
  • AE92 Corolla

    AE92 Corolla (122)

    Toyota corolla e90 to e95 models 1987–1992 Most popular models are EE90 1.3 2E Hatchback 3-door XL, GL Saloon 4-door XL, GL Liftback 5-door, 1.3 Wagon 5-door XL, GL, SR AE92 1.6 4AGE 16v Hatchback 3-door GTi, FX, FX-GT Coupe 2-door Levin, Trueno Saloon 4-door SE Limited, GT Liftback 5-door Sprinter GT CE90 1.8 diesel 1C Hatchback 3-door XL Saloon 4-door XL Wagon XL, Gl CE95 2L diesel 2C 4WD Saloon 4-door
  • AW11 MR2

    AW11 MR2 (59)

    MR2 AW11 4AGE 16V Year 1986-1989
  • Clearance / Used Parts

    Clearance / Used Parts (17)

    Products that are in our inventory that can not be sold as new because they are scratched, damaged, missing parts or not in original packaging
  • E10 Corolla

    E10 Corolla (59)

    E10 Corolla 1993-1997 Petrol engines vary from 1.3L-1.8L diesel engines vary from 1.8L-2.2L Most popular models are 1.3L 4E-FE saloon Hatchback 1.6L 4AGE Hatchback FX GT & Coupe Levin Trueno GT, GT APEX 4AGZE supercharged 4AFE Hatchback Si 1.8L 7AFE Hatchback GXi 2.0L 2C diesel
  • EE80 Corolla

    EE80 Corolla (63)

    Corolla E80-e82 1983-1987 Most popular models are AE80/EE80 4 door saloon, 5 door liftback, 3/5 door hatchback 2E engine AE82 4-door saloon, 3/5 door hatchback (4AGE engine) CE80 1.8 diesel 4-door saloon, 5 door hatchback (1C engine)
  • EP82 Starlet

    EP82 Starlet (152)

    EP82 starlet Produced from 1990-1995 Two variations in engines 4EFTE 1.3 GT Turbo 133hp 4ETE 1.3 Gi Non Turbo
  • EP91 Glanza / Starlet

    EP91 Glanza / Starlet (173)

    EP91 Glanza Japanese model Produced from 1996-1999 Two variations Glanza V 4EFTE 1.3 GT Turbo 138HP Glanza S 4ETE 1.3 Non Turbo 84HP EP91 Starlet Produced 1996-1999 most common model 1.3 Xli 74HP
  • JZA80 Supra

    JZA80 Supra (14)

  • JZX100 JZX90

    JZX100 JZX90 (214)

    Jzx100 and Jzx90 Produced from 1993-2001 Two model variations Chaser & Markii 1JZGE 2.5L 6 Cylinder 1JZGTE Turbo 2.5L 6 Cylinder These came with two variations of gearboxs: Automatic or R154 5 speed manual Other common X100 model: GX100 2L 1GFE engine
  • JZX81

    JZX81 (201)

    X80 models Two Model Variations: chaser & mark ii Produced 1988-1992 Common Engine Variations: 2.0L 1GGTE Twin Turbo 207HP 2.0L 1GGZE Supercharged 168HP 2.5L 1JZGE Non Turbo 178HP 2.5L 1JZGTE Twin Turbo 276HP 3.0L 7MGE 190-204HP
  • Lexus IS200 1GFE

    Lexus IS200 1GFE (134)

    Lexus IS200 Produced in europe from 1999-2005 2.0L 1GFE six cylinder engine 153HP
  • T17 Carina

    T17 Carina (51)

    Carina II (Second Generation) Produced from 1988-1992 Most common models: 4 door saloon 5 door liftback 5 door estate Most common engine variations: 1.6L - 4AL petrol engine, 83 bhp 2.0L - 2CL diesel engine, 72 bhp
  • Toyota Engines

    Toyota Engines (11)

  • Z30 Soarer

    Z30 Soarer (140)

    Z30 soarer Produced from 1991-2000 Three model variations JZZ30 2.5L 1JZGTE JZZ31 3.0L 2JZGE UZZ30 4.0L 1UZFE
  • 4 AGE

    4 AGE (287)

    There are 6 different variations of the 1.6L 4ag engine BLUETOP (1983-1987) TVIS 3Rib block 129HP 40mm Crankshaft 18mm Gudgeon pin Cars: Ae82 AE86 AW11 AA63 REDTOP BIGPORT (1987-1989) TVIS 7Rib block 118HP 42mm crankshaft 20mm Gudgeon pin Car: AE92 REDTOP SMALLPORT (1989-1992) Also known as HI-Torque 7Rib block 138HP 42mm Crankshaft 20mm Gudgeon pin Car: AE92 SILVERTOP 20V (1991-1995) 43mm 4-Throttle ITBs setup 7Rib block VVTi 158HP 42mm Crankshaft 20mm Gudgeon pin Cars: AE101 Corolla BLACKTOP 20V (1995-2000) 45mm ITBs Intake setup 7Rib Block VVTi 163HP# Cars: AE111 Levin/Trueno 4AGZE Engines There was 2 variations of this engine: BIGPORT (1986-1990) Supercharger producing 0.55Bar 143HP Cars: MR2 Corolla Sprinter SMALLPORT (1990-1992) Supercharger producing 0.69Bar 163HP Cars: AE92 Corolla SMALLPORT (1992-1995) Supercharged producing 168HP Cars: AE101 Corolla and sprinter
  • AE86 Corolla

    AE86 Corolla (550)

    AE86 Corolla Produced from 1983-1987 1.6L 4AGE 16V Engine 2 Variations: Levin and Trueno, That came in either 2 door (coupe) or 3 door (hatchback) Also pre and facelift body styles: ZENKI (1983-1985) Kouki (1985-1987)
  • KP61 Starlet

    KP61 Starlet (137)

    KP6 model Starlets Produced from 1978-1984 RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) Body came in 2 and 4 door 3 model variations: KP60 (1Litre engine 2K) KP61 (1.3Litre engine 4K) KP62 (1.2Litre engine 3K)
  • EP70 Starlet

    EP70 Starlet (138)

    EP70-EP71 starlet Produced from 1984-1989 FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Engine Variations: (1E) 1Litre SOHC 12valve 55HP (2E) 1.3Litre SOHC 12valve 65-88HP (2TE) 1.3Litre Turbo 99-108HP
  • KE70 Corolla

    KE70 Corolla (114)

    Ke70 Produced from 1979-1987 Came in various different body styles: 2 door saloon/sedan 4 door saloon/sedan 2 door hardtop coupe 3 door liftback 3-5 door station wagon 3-5 door van
  • Other Toyotas

    Other Toyotas (84)

  • .Complete Front Panel AE86

    460.00 (Exc. VAT: 373.98)

    In Stock

    AE86 complete front panel for AE86

    This consists of the following 4 pieces:

    -1 left headlight panel

    -1 right headlight panel

    -1 top radiator panel

    -1 lower radiator crossmember panel


    *if you are fitting this to a levin you will also require FLO1579 Headlight Mounting Brackets (not required for trueno)


  • .Distributor Heat Shield 4AGE 16V


    In Stock

    Distributor Heat Shield

    For 4AGE 16V AE86

    Available in toda or aftermarket brand

  • .Lower Front Panel AE86

    175.00 (Exc. VAT: 142.28)

    In Stock

    Lower front panel for AE86 Corolla

    Suitable for all ae86 models year 1983-1987

    ( Also known as the lower radiator crossmember )

  • .Toyota Bolt Kit

    66.00 (Exc. VAT: 53.66)

    In Stock

    Original Bolt Kit

    185 piece kit

    Gold Zinc Plated

    Includes the following most common bolts used on any Toyota
    -M6 x20 quantity 20
    -M6 x18 quantity 20
    -M6 x18 quantity 20
    -M6 x12 quantity 30
    -M8 x25 quantity 12
    -M8 x20 quantity 12
    -M8 x15 quantity 12
    -M8 x15 quantity 12
    -M6 Nut quantity 27
    -M8 Nut quantity 20

    *Note – Case (Box) may vary to image

  • 02 Sensor Flange / Blank


    In Stock

    02 Oxygen / Lambda sensor Flange

    Available in 2 variations:

    Flange: Commonly used when you need to install an o2 sensor but your exhaust does not have a mounting location.

    Blank: Used for blanking o2 sensor hole on your exhaust.

  • 16V / 20V Oil Filter Housing Delete 4AGE1

    12.89 (Exc. VAT: 10.48)

    In Stock

  • 1UZ Flywheel for 3SGTE Clutch

    455.00 (Exc. VAT: 369.92)

    In Stock

    1UZFE flywheel to suit 3sgte clutch

    Weight 5.4kg

    Flywheel is made to order, delivery time on this product can be up to 4 weeks

  • 20v 4AGE Engine Hooks

    14.90 (Exc. VAT: 12.11)

    In Stock

    Front and Rear engine hook for 20v rwd setup (pair)

  • 20V 4AGE Fuel Line Conversion Kit for AE86

    65.01 (Exc. VAT: 52.85)

    In Stock

    4AGE Fuel Line Conversion Kit for AE86 Corolla

    This is a direct fit kit which allows the use of your original ae86 fuel filter when fitting a 20v engine to your ae86. No cutting or modifications required on your original fuel lines.

    Kit includes one feed and one return line with all hardware needed

  • 20V 4AGE Rocker Cover Gasket Kit

    40.59 (Exc. VAT: 33.00)

    In Stock

    Suitable for both 4AGE Silvertop and Blacktop Engines

  • 20V 4age Top Engine Water Outlet Pipe

    86.41 (Exc. VAT: 70.25)

    In Stock

    20V 4age Top Engine Water Outlet Pipe to Suit RWD conversion

  • 20V 4AGE Valves


    In Stock

    Ferrea 20v 4AGE valve

    Intake valve standard size 26.5mm

    Exhaust valve standard size 26mm

    Price is per single valve

  • 20V Distributor / Dizzy Cover

    65.01 (Exc. VAT: 52.85)

    In Stock

  • 20v Exhaust Gasket

    22.50 (Exc. VAT: 18.29)

    In Stock

    Oem Toyota 20v exhaust gasket

  • 20V ITB Gaskets 4AGE


    In Stock

    4x gaskets for 20v Throttle bodies

    Available for silvertop or blacktop

  • 20V Rear Water Bypass Housing


    In Stock

    4age 20v rear water housing bypass plate

    Available with or without heater option

    Includes 3 new mounting bolts

    Includes threaded holes for all 3 factory sensors:



    1/8th PT

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