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  • 1GGTE / 1GGZE

    1GGTE / 1GGZE (71)

    1GGTE- 24valve DOHC Inline 6 Cylinder Turbocharged engine, there is 3 variations of this engine ranging from 182 to 207 hp Produced from 1986-1992 Found in the following cars: 1986–1992 Supra MK3 (GA70; JDM only) 1986–1992 Mark II/Chaser/Cresta (GX71, GX81) 1986–1991 Soarer (GZ20) 1GGZE- 24valve DOHC Supercharged engine 168 hp , Produced 1986-1992 found in the following cars: Toyota Crown GS120, GS121, GS131, GS130G 1988–1990 Toyota Mark II/Chaser/Cresta GX81
  • 1JZ-GTE

    1JZ-GTE (179)

    1JZGTE- 2.5 Litre 24valve DOHC Inline 6 cylinder Turbocharged engine there is 2 variations of this engine 1990-1995 NON VVTI 276HP Twin Turbo 1996-2007 VVTI 280HP Single Turbo Found in the following cars: Toyota Chaser/Cresta/Mark II 2.5GT Twin Turbo (JZX81) Toyota Chaser/Cresta/Mark II Tourer V/Roulant G (JZX90, JZX100) Toyota Mark II iR-V (JZX110) Toyota Soarer 2.5 GT-T(JZZ30) Toyota Supra MK III 2.5 Twin Turbo (R) (JZA70) Toyota Verossa VR25 (JZX110) Toyota Crown Athlete V (JZS171)
  • 1UZFE

    1UZFE (78)

    1UZFE- 4 litre V8 engine Naturally Aspirated There is 3 variations of this engine 1989-1994 Non VVTI 256HP 1995-1997 Non VVTI 261HP (lighter conrods/pistons and higher compression ratio) 1997-2004 VVTI model 300HP Found in the following cars: 1989–2000 Lexus LS 400/Toyota Celsior 1989–2002 Toyota Crown/Toyota Crown Majesta 1991–2000 Lexus SC 400/Toyota Soarer 1992–1997 Toyota Aristo 1997–2000 Lexus GS 400
  • 2JZ-GTE

    2JZ-GTE (183)

    2JZGTE- 3.0 Litre 24valve DOHC Inline 6 Cylinder Turbocharged engine there is 2 variations of this engine, 1990-1997 NON VVTI 280HP 1997-2002 VVTI 320HP Found in the following cars: Toyota Aristo 3.0V JZS147 (Japan-only) Toyota Aristo V300 JZS161 (Japan-only) Toyota Supra RZ JZA80
  • 3SGE Beams Altezza

    3SGE Beams Altezza (195)

    Altezza 3SGE 2Litre Inline 4 Cylinder engine came in two different variations 1997-2005 VVTI M/T 210HP 1997-2005 VVTI A/T 197HP

    4EFTE 5EFTE (122)

    4E Engines 1.3L DOHC Produced from 1989-1999 There is 2 variations of this engine 4EFE 74-88hp Found in the following cars Toyota Starlet EP8,EP9 Toyota Tercel Toyota Corolla Toyota Cynos 4EFTE turbocharged CT9 133hp Found in the following cars Starlet EP82 GT Turbo Glanza V EP91 5E Engine 1.5L DOHC 93-108hp Produced 1990-1998 Found in the following cars Toyota Sera Toyota Cynos
  • AE111 Levin

    AE111 Levin (137)

    AE111 LEVIN/TRUENO 4AGE 1.6L 20V DOHC VVTI BLACKTOP 163HP Produced 1995-2000 Front wheel drive 6 Speed Gearbox Zenki Model 1995-1997 Kouki Model 1997-2000
  • AE92 Corolla

    AE92 Corolla (143)

    Toyota corolla e90 to e95 models 1987–1992 Most popular models are EE90 1.3 2E Hatchback 3-door XL, GL Saloon 4-door XL, GL Liftback 5-door, 1.3 Wagon 5-door XL, GL, SR AE92 1.6 4AGE 16v Hatchback 3-door GTi, FX, FX-GT Coupe 2-door Levin, Trueno Saloon 4-door SE Limited, GT Liftback 5-door Sprinter GT CE90 1.8 diesel 1C Hatchback 3-door XL Saloon 4-door XL Wagon XL, Gl CE95 2L diesel 2C 4WD Saloon 4-door
  • AW11 MR2

    AW11 MR2 (81)

    MR2 AW11 4AGE 16V Year 1986-1989
  • Clearance / Used Parts

    Clearance / Used Parts (22)

    Products that are in our inventory that can not be sold as new because they are scratched, damaged, missing parts or not in original packaging
  • E10 Corolla

    E10 Corolla (66)

    E10 Corolla 1993-1997 Petrol engines vary from 1.3L-1.8L diesel engines vary from 1.8L-2.2L Most popular models are 1.3L 4E-FE saloon Hatchback 1.6L 4AGE Hatchback FX GT & Coupe Levin Trueno GT, GT APEX 4AGZE supercharged 4AFE Hatchback Si 1.8L 7AFE Hatchback GXi 2.0L 2C diesel
  • EE80 Corolla

    EE80 Corolla (72)

    Corolla E80-e82 1983-1987 Most popular models are AE80/EE80 4 door saloon, 5 door liftback, 3/5 door hatchback 2E engine AE82 4-door saloon, 3/5 door hatchback (4AGE engine) CE80 1.8 diesel 4-door saloon, 5 door hatchback (1C engine)
  • Engines & Gearboxes

    Engines & Gearboxes (13)

  • EP82 Starlet

    EP82 Starlet (169)

    EP82 starlet Produced from 1990-1995 Two variations in engines 4EFTE 1.3 GT Turbo 133hp 4ETE 1.3 Gi Non Turbo
  • EP91 Glanza / Starlet

    EP91 Glanza / Starlet (189)

    EP91 Glanza Japanese model Produced from 1996-1999 Two variations Glanza V 4EFTE 1.3 GT Turbo 138HP Glanza S 4ETE 1.3 Non Turbo 84HP EP91 Starlet Produced 1996-1999 most common model 1.3 Xli 74HP
  • JZA80 Supra

    JZA80 Supra (59)

  • JZX100 JZX90

    JZX100 JZX90 (257)

    Jzx100 and Jzx90 Produced from 1993-2001 Two model variations Chaser & Markii 1JZGE 2.5L 6 Cylinder 1JZGTE Turbo 2.5L 6 Cylinder These came with two variations of gearboxs: Automatic or R154 5 speed manual Other common X100 model: GX100 2L 1GFE engine
  • JZX81

    JZX81 (241)

    X80 models Two Model Variations: chaser & mark ii Produced 1988-1992 Common Engine Variations: 2.0L 1GGTE Twin Turbo 207HP 2.0L 1GGZE Supercharged 168HP 2.5L 1JZGE Non Turbo 178HP 2.5L 1JZGTE Twin Turbo 276HP 3.0L 7MGE 190-204HP
  • Lexus IS200 1GFE

    Lexus IS200 1GFE (157)

    Lexus IS200 Produced in europe from 1999-2005 2.0L 1GFE six cylinder engine 153HP
  • T17 Carina

    T17 Carina (52)

    Carina II (Second Generation) Produced from 1988-1992 Most common models: 4 door saloon 5 door liftback 5 door estate Most common engine variations: 1.6L - 4AL petrol engine, 83 bhp 2.0L - 2CL diesel engine, 72 bhp
  • Z30 Soarer

    Z30 Soarer (178)

    Z30 soarer Produced from 1991-2000 Three model variations JZZ30 2.5L 1JZGTE JZZ31 3.0L 2JZGE UZZ30 4.0L 1UZFE
  • 4 AGE

    4 AGE (295)

    There are 6 different variations of the 1.6L 4ag engine BLUETOP (1983-1987) TVIS 3Rib block 129HP 40mm Crankshaft 18mm Gudgeon pin Cars: Ae82 AE86 AW11 AA63 REDTOP BIGPORT (1987-1989) TVIS 7Rib block 118HP 42mm crankshaft 20mm Gudgeon pin Car: AE92 REDTOP SMALLPORT (1989-1992) Also known as HI-Torque 7Rib block 138HP 42mm Crankshaft 20mm Gudgeon pin Car: AE92 SILVERTOP 20V (1991-1995) 43mm 4-Throttle ITBs setup 7Rib block VVTi 158HP 42mm Crankshaft 20mm Gudgeon pin Cars: AE101 Corolla BLACKTOP 20V (1995-2000) 45mm ITBs Intake setup 7Rib Block VVTi 163HP# Cars: AE111 Levin/Trueno 4AGZE Engines There was 2 variations of this engine: BIGPORT (1986-1990) Supercharger producing 0.55Bar 143HP Cars: MR2 Corolla Sprinter SMALLPORT (1990-1992) Supercharger producing 0.69Bar 163HP Cars: AE92 Corolla SMALLPORT (1992-1995) Supercharged producing 168HP Cars: AE101 Corolla and sprinter
  • AE86 Corolla

    AE86 Corolla (572)

    AE86 Corolla Produced from 1983-1987 1.6L 4AGE 16V Engine 2 Variations: Levin and Trueno, That came in either 2 door (coupe) or 3 door (hatchback) Also pre and facelift body styles: ZENKI (1983-1985) Kouki (1985-1987)
  • KP61 Starlet

    KP61 Starlet (139)

    KP6 model Starlets Produced from 1978-1984 RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) Body came in 2 and 4 door 3 model variations: KP60 (1Litre engine 2K) KP61 (1.3Litre engine 4K) KP62 (1.2Litre engine 3K)
  • EP70 Starlet

    EP70 Starlet (149)

    EP70-EP71 starlet Produced from 1984-1989 FWD (Front Wheel Drive) Engine Variations: (1E) 1Litre SOHC 12valve 55HP (2E) 1.3Litre SOHC 12valve 65-88HP (2TE) 1.3Litre Turbo 99-108HP
  • KE70 Corolla

    KE70 Corolla (118)

    Ke70 Produced from 1979-1987 Came in various different body styles: 2 door saloon/sedan 4 door saloon/sedan 2 door hardtop coupe 3 door liftback 3-5 door station wagon 3-5 door van
  • Other Toyotas

    Other Toyotas (84)

  • .Cherry Bomb Exhaust

    73.73 (excl. VAT 59.94)

    Cherry Bomb Exhaust Back Box

    Universal fit, suitable for most makes & models

    2.5″ Stainless Steel Tip

    2″ inlet

    Total length 21″

  • .Engine Bay Blanking Kit AE86

    32.00 (excl. VAT 26.02)

    16 piece engine bay blanking plate kit

    Blanks all those unnecessary wiring harness, heater and cable holes, ideal for rally and race car builds

  • .Rear Brake Caliper AE86


    Toyota AE86 Rear Brake Caliper

    Each side sold separately


    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • .Spark Plug Cover 4AGE 16V

    39.50 (excl. VAT 32.11)

    4AGE 16V TVIS spark plug cover finished in black wrinkle coating


  • 02 Sensor Flange / Blank


    02 Oxygen / Lambda sensor Flange

    Available in 2 variations:

    Flange: Commonly used when you need to install an o2 sensor but your exhaust does not have a mounting location.

    Blank: Used for blanking o2 sensor hole on your exhaust.

    Select options This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page
  • 16V / 20V Oil Filter Housing Delete 4AGE

    14.65 (excl. VAT 11.91)

    This fitting allows you to fit your oil filter direct to your engine block.

    Deleting your oil filter housing / sandwich plate

    Suitable for all 4age 16v, 4age 20v, 4afe, 7afe and 4agze engines


  • 1GFE Lightened Flywheel

    250.00 (excl. VAT 203.25)

    Lightened flywheel to suit 1gfe 1gge 1ggte non-vvti engines

    Not suitable for is200

    Clearance item, Non returnable

  • 1JZ VVTi Spark Plug Cover

    49.20 (excl. VAT 40.00)

    New Genuine Toyota part

    Dented in transit

    clearance item, no return available

  • 1UZ Flywheel for 3SGTE Clutch

    455.00 (excl. VAT 369.92)

    1UZFE flywheel to suit 3sgte clutch

    Weight 5.4kg

    Flywheel is made to order, delivery time on this product can be up to 4 weeks

  • 20v 4AGE Engine Hooks

    14.90 (excl. VAT 12.11)

    Front and Rear engine hook for 20v rwd setup (pair)

  • 20V 4AGE Fuel Line Conversion Kit for AE86

    65.01 (excl. VAT 52.85)

    4AGE Fuel Line Conversion Kit for AE86 Corolla

    This is a direct fit kit which allows the use of your original ae86 fuel filter when fitting a 20v engine to your ae86. No cutting or modifications required on your original fuel lines.

    Kit includes one feed and one return line with all hardware needed

  • 20V 4AGE Rocker Cover Gasket Kit

    40.59 (excl. VAT 33.00)

    Suitable for both 4AGE Silvertop and Blacktop Engines

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