Engine Bolt Kit 4AGE 20V

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Engine bolt kit for Toyota 4AGE 20V Engine in RWD format

This kit includes the following new nuts and bolts to have your engine looking like new:

-Intake Manifold
-Water pump
-Crank pulley, water pump pulley, camshaft pulleys
-Rocker cover
-Exhaust manifold
-Cylinder head water outlets
-Throttle bodys and ISCV
-Engine hooks
-Coolant drain plug & TPS
-Timing cover and back plate
-Oil Pump
-Rear crank seal housing
-Right Engine Mount
-Left Engine Mount
All of the above comes sorted and labelled in a 15 compartment assortment box
This kit is designed to be used on a 4AGE 20V engine in a rwd car using flos rwd conversion parts.
If you intend using this bolt kit in a FWD car some bolts and lengths may not suit.

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