AE111 Levin

Produced 1995-2000
Front wheel drive 6 Speed Gearbox
Zenki Model 1995-1997
Kouki Model 1997-2000

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  • .Cherry Bomb Exhaust

    73.73 (excl. VAT 59.94)

    Cherry Bomb Exhaust Back Box

    Universal fit, suitable for most makes & models

    2.5″ Stainless Steel Tip

    2″ inlet

    Total length 21″

  • 4age 20v ITB Trumpets / Velocity Stacks


    Our 4age 20v trumpets / velocity stacks unlike any other type on the market

    Aluminium spun trumpets

    Unique single piece flange

    Super lightweight

    Available for Silvertop and Blacktop Throttle bodies

    Lengths available in 60mm, 90mm or 115mm

    Mounting hardware included

  • 4age 20v Piston Set Blacktop


    4age 20v Blacktop Piston set

    Set includes 4 Pistons, Pins and Piston Rings (1.2mm x 1.5mm x 3.0mm)

    Available in the below bore sizes:

    Standard size (81mm)


    Oversized +0.5mm (81.5mm)

  • 4AGE Crank Trigger Pulley Kit 36-1


    Toyota 4AGE Crankshaft Trigger wheel kit

    A direct bolt on kit for your 4age.

    Compatible for both 16v, 20v engines and all oem oil pump types.

    RWD Version (rear wheel drive) AE86

    Single row pulley for alternator / water pump belt

    Can be used with original timing covers.

    Only suitable for engines using RWD water pump and RWD alternator bracket.

    Not suitable for use with AC or Power steering

    FWD Version  (front wheel drive) AE82 AE92 AE101 AE111 AW11 MR2

    Twin row pulley can be used with AC and power steering

    Only suitable for engines using fwd water pump and fwd alternator bracket.

    Oil sump pan lip may need to be ground away on some engines to allow clearance for trigger wheel, trigger wheel may interfere with original timing cover

    Kit includes the following:

    Crankshaft pulley with built in 36-1 toothed wheel

    Crank position sensor, Inductive Magneti Marelli 2 pin.

    Crank position sensor plug

    Crank position sensor bracket with all mounting bolts

    *note: RWD and FWD 4age engine pulleys have a different offset so they can not be interchanged, otherwise the auxiliary belt will not line up. Please make sure to select the correct kit for your engine.

  • 4AGE Crankshaft Bearing Set


    4age Crankshaft Bearing set

    Includes the following:

    -Main bearing set

    -Big End Bearing set (available for 40mm or 42mm con rod journals)

    -Trust Washer set


    40mm con rod bearings are commonly found in 4AGE 16V 3 rib engines between Years 1983-1987

    42mm con rod bearings are commonly found in 4AGE 7 rib engines 16V and 20V between Years 1987-2000

    *please make sure to measure your crankshaft before purchase to ensure you purchase the correct bearings for your engine, these bearings are non returnable.

  • 4AGE Engine Pulleys


    Alloy Pulleys suitable for both 16v and 20v 4age engines

    Alternator pulley (suits FWD and RWD engines)

    Water pump pulley (available in both FWD and RWD variation)

    Power steering pump pulley (suits FWD and RWD engines)

  • 4age Headgasket 20V

    80.00 (excl. VAT 65.04)

    Genuine Toyota head gasket for 4age 20v

    To suit both Silvertop and Blacktop engines

  • 4AGE Silver Top 20V

    2,200.00 (excl. VAT 1,788.62)

    Toyota 4AGE 20V Silvertop engine

    Removed from a JDM AE101 Automatic FX Levin

    Sold as Seen

    Please email us for s shipping Quote

  • AE111 Trueno Sidelights

    175.00 (excl. VAT 142.28)

    Trueno AE111 Sidelights

    Sold as a pair (1 left and 1 right)

  • AE86 Plastic Clip Assortment Kit

    43.73 (excl. VAT 35.55)

    AE86 Assortment plastic clip and screw kit

    *Kit includes the following:

    -Door card clips
    -Sideskirt / bumper mounting clips
    -Wing liner / mudguard clips
    -Sidelight, indicator, quarter vent clips
    -Boot carpet clips
    -Interior plastic push clips
    -Armrest clips
    -Door rubber clips
    -Interior screws, big and small type
    -Wing liner and sideskirt screws
    -Windscreen trim clips
    and more…..

    *Assortment may vary

    This kit has been made specifically for the AE86 by ourselves and consists of the most commonly used clips and screws on any AE86

  • AE92 AE101 AE111 Rear Brake Pads

    34.75 (excl. VAT 28.25)

    Rear Brake Pads to Suit:

    AE92 E10 E11 Corolla (1987-1997)

    AE101 AE111 levin Trueno

    Full set of 4 brake pads

    Aftermarket Brand

  • Air Filter AE111

    17.22 (excl. VAT 14.00)

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